tcp-env(1)                User Commands                tcp-env(1)

     tcp-env - set up TCP-related environment variables

     tcp-env [ -rR ] [ -ttimeout ] program [ arg ... ]

     The input for tcp-env must be  a  TCP  connection.   tcp-env
     finds out information about that connection, puts the infor-
     mation into several environment variables  as  described  in
     tcp-environ(5), and runs program with the given arguments.

     Usually tcp-env is run from inetd.  It might instead be  run
     from  another server that already sets up the right environ-
     ment variables; if PROTO is  set  to  TCP  when  tcp-env  is
     invoked,  tcp-env  assumes  that all the other variables are
     set up properly, and it does not check whether the input  is
     a TCP connection.

     -r    (Default.)  Attempt to obtain TCPREMOTEINFO  from  the
          remote host.

     -R    Do not attempt to obtain TCPREMOTEINFO from the remote

          Give up on the TCPREMOTEINFO connection  attempt  after
          timeout seconds.  Default: 30.

     tcp-environ(5), inetd(8)

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