cdb(3)                 C Library Functions                 cdb(3)

     cdb - read from a constant database

     #include <cdb.h>

     int cdb_seek(fd,key,len,dlen);

     int fd;
     char *key;
     unsigned int len;
     uint32 *dlen;

     cdb_seek  looks up key in a constant database.  It returns 1
     if key is present, 0 if key is not present, or -1  if  there
     was a read error.  key is an array of len characters.

     cdb_seek  needs an open file descriptor, fd, pointing to the
     database.  If cdb_seek returns 1, it points fd at the begin-
     ning of the data portion of the first record indexed by key,
     and it stores the data length in dlen.   cdb_seek  does  not
     provide  a way to read subsequent records with the same key.

     It's fine to do several cdb_seek lookups with the same  open
     file  descriptor.   Beware,  however,  that two simultaneous
     cdb_seek  lookups  can  fail  horribly;  separate  processes
     should not share the same database descriptor.  Furthermore,
     any updates after the database was opened will be invisible.
     It's rarely a good idea for a long-running program to hold a
     database open.


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