qmail(7)          Device and Network Interfaces          qmail(7)

     qmail - overview of qmail documentation

     qmail is  a  secure,  reliable,  efficient,  simple  message
     transfer agent.

     Users who want to  control  incoming  messages  should  read
     dot-qmail(5).    Available  commands  for  the  .qmail  file
     include qbiff(1),  qlist(1),  qreceipt(1),  forward(1),  and
     (for  advanced  users)  condredirect(1).  Other helpful com-
     mands include  maildirmake(1),  maildir2mbox(1),  and  mail-

     System administrators who want to control the  entire  qmail
     system   should   start  with  qmail-control(5)  and  qmail-
     start(8).  There are three queue-monitoring  tools:   qmail-
     qread(8), qmail-qstat(8), and qmail-tcpto(8).  Incoming SMTP
     connections are handled by qmail-smtpd(8).

     qmail offers two  command-line  message-sending  interfaces:
     qmail-inject(8) and mailsubj(1).  For background information
     on Internet mail messages, see  addresses(5),  envelopes(5),
     qmail-header(5), and forgeries(7).

     Miscellaneous   documentation   includes   qmail-upgrade(7),
     qmail-limits(7), and qmail-pop3d(8).

     This documentation describes version  1.01  of  qmail.   See
     http://pobox.com/~djb/qmail.html   for  other  qmail-related

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