qmail-local(8)       Maintenance Procedures        qmail-local(8)

     qmail-local - deliver or forward a mail message

     qmail-local [ -nN ]  user  homedir  local  dash  ext  domain
     sender aliasempty

     qmail-local reads a mail message and delivers it to user  by
     the procedure described in dot-qmail(5).

     The message's envelope recipient  is  local@domain.   qmail-
     local  records  local@domain  in  a  new Delivered-To header
     field.   If  exactly  the  same  Delivered-To:  local@domain
     already  appears in the header, qmail-local bounces the mes-
     sage, to prevent mail forwarding loops.

     The  message's  envelope  sender  is  sender.    qmail-local
     records sender in a new Return-Path header field.

     homedir is the user's home directory.  It must be  an  abso-
     lute directory name.

     dash and ext identify the .qmaildashext file used by  qmail-
     local; see dot-qmail(5).  Normally dash is either empty or a
     lone hyphen.  If it is empty, qmail-local  treats  a  nonex-
     istent  .qmailext  the  same  way  as  an  empty  .qmailext:
     namely, following the delivery instructions in aliasempty.

     The standard input for qmail-local must be a seekable  file,
     so that qmail-local can read it more than once.

     -n    Instead of reading and delivering the message, print a
          description of the delivery instructions.

     -N    (Default.) Read and deliver the message.

     0 if the delivery is completely successful; nonzero  if  any
     delivery  instruction  failed.  Exit code 111 indicates tem-
     porary failure.

     dot-qmail(5),   envelopes(5),    qmail-command(8),    qmail-
     queue(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-lspawn(8)

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